About us

Ly & Associates Financial Group is a full-service firm focused on wealth management, preservation, and succession. Our comprehensive process is principled in identifying, developing, revising, and executing personal and corporate planning solutions. Our team is comprised of professionals from different disciplines, borne of our tenet that one advisor cannot effectively specialize in all areas of financial planning.

Ly & Associates pride ourselves on building meaningful relationships with clients and delivering tangible value by meeting their evolving financial goals.


Financial Planning

Learn how our certified Financial Planners can create, introduce, and implement a financial plan for you

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Corporate Insurance

Learn how experts position permanent insurance within your corporation to take advantage of potential tax benefits

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Living Benefits

Learn why it is important to mitigate the potential risk of a long-term disability or life-threatening illness

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Group Benefits

Learn how to retain staff by introducing group benefits such as RSPs, medical, dental, and much more

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Portfolio Management

Learn why most advisors fail, and what you can do to avoid these pitfalls by working with our accredited Portfolio Managers

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Estate Planning

Learn the importance of preplanning, and be informed of the decisions that are best made while living

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Organizations & Charities