Are you a business advisor such as an accountant, lawyer, financial planner or insurance advisor looking for a team of specialists? Ly & Associates Financial Group can provide you with our team of knowledgeable specialists that can give credibility, and lessen your liability.


Why work with Ly & Associates Financial Group?

  1. Our Connections – We have gained notoriety in the industry for helping advisors that work with us to place their complicated underwriting cases.
  2. Increased Credibility – We provide our knowledge to you and your client, we help design, build and implement a thoughtful and thorough plan for your corporate or high-net-worth clientele.
  3. Increased Transparency – All collaborative work begins with confidentiality and engagement letters signed by all parties. We ensure that all business advisors at the table understand the reasons behind our collaborative work.
  4. Reduced Liability – By collaborating with a specialist, you the business advisor can ensure that your clients have specific advice for their unique situation. You reduce liability by having experts to rely on to help uncover these hidden needs.
  5. Increased Business – The advisors that collaborate with us continue to do so; they see the value in working with a team as opposed to on their own. This has helped create further opportunities for themselves by increasing their client satisfaction which has lead to many referrals.