At Ly and Associates Financial Group we pride ourselves on our systematic approach to engaging with new clients daily.  We emphasize to clients that they are not sitting down with us by chance; we work diligently to uncover their needs and concerns.  Whether they are looking at building or transferring wealth, mitigating tax liabilities upon death or planning for retirement, these needs aren’t uncovered without the right questions asked.

Our six step process ensures that we uncover, understand, recommend and implement the plan that best suits our clients and their business.

  1. Establish and define the relationship between the client

Clients are not just another file to us, we form strong bonds with them over the years, and they rely on us for all their financial matters. We work hard to maintain these relationships from the beginning.  Not only do we have to be the right fit for the client, but they have to be the right fit for us as well.


  1. Confidential Information Gathering

After our initial engagement we will request access to pertinent information that would be helpful for us to determine why our clients have chosen to work with us. This information may include legal documents (such as a will or shareholder agreement), financial statements, tax returns, investment statements, corporate filings and much more. Our client’s privacy is a top concern during this step.


  1. Analyze and Evaluate

The important documents we receive are handled with the utmost care. We analyze and input all the data we gather into our system. Once we have assessed the information provided we start to look at what the numbers mean to our clients.


  1. Plan Development

To ensure that our clients are well looked after we may bring in our strategic partners to discuss the potential needs of our clients. This provides a definitive action plan for us and our clients as to exactly what they are looking for.  We will then develop a solution tailored to their needs and concerns.


  1. Implementation

An idea without action is simply just a thought. After working out all the fine details we will implement a solution to the identified concern. We ensure that  our clients fully understand a solution and see value in what they are doing before moving forward.


  1. Review

We ensure that our clients have the right plan at the right time. But what if circumstances change?  We are all aware that life takes us on different paths, to ensure that our plans stay in place we conduct yearly reviews with our clients to make sure their needs are consistently identified and covered by our recommendations.  Our clients can rest assured that they are with us for the long haul.