Living Benefits

Ly & Associates Financial Group is here to advise you on how to best mitigate financial risk using living benefits insurance. Our expertise encompasses personal and corporate disability, critical illness, group coverage, health, dental, and travel insurance.


Disability insurance is a traditional form of income protection. You are your biggest asset, and guaranteeing your cash flow is integral to your financial planning. Disability covers you for all situations that would render you unable to complete the day-to-day tasks of your profession.

Critical Illness

Critical illness insurance is another form of income protection that provides relief to a sick individual when they need it most. Where disability pays a monthly benefit to help with maintaining your standard of living until you recover, critical illness pays a lump sum to be used any way you see fit.  You may need to shore up your monthly income while taking time off work, you may have to travel and pay for medical services in a different country, or you may wish to send your family on a vacation that you had been planning but never had the opportunity to initiate. Critical illness protection is there to relieve financial stress and should be used however best promotes healing for yourself and your family.

Group Coverage

Package insurance is available for business owners looking to cover themselves and their employees. Blending health, dental, disability, life, and other products can be the most cost-effective way of insuring a group. It serves a definite need and even has been shown to increase employee retention.

Health, Dental & Travel

For those without a group plan (e.g. sole proprietors), health, dental, and travel insurance can be obtained personally and tailored specifically to their needs.