At Ly & Associates Financial Group, we understand that our clients’ needs are ever changing. Not only do we work strategically with other business contacts across different industries, we also connect clients to other experts based on their individual needs.

Through a referral relationship, we use KAI Asset Management Inc for our portfolio construction, implementation, and management, which allows us to free up our time to focus on what we do best.

With KAI Asset Management Inc, our clients receive a full discretion portfolio management firm that helps investors manage their wealth and take advantage of investment opportunities that present themselves in the capital markets. KAI Asset Management Inc follows a disciplined and thorough approach to investment management, which traditionally has produced strong results for clients through the cycles of the market.

Professional Portfolio Construction


We believe that only through disciplined investment analysis can a portfolio with characteristics of value and strength be built.


Our investment process accounts for key quantitative and qualitative factors which help us identify companies that exhibit high levels of stability yet maintain a proven ability to grow.


To help achieve this objective we place a high degree of importance on diversification, financial strength, global exposure, and skilled management when building investment portfolios.

Private Clients

As a KAI Asset Management Inc private client you will receive personalized investment management services which are tailored to you and your family’s financial goals. Your KAI Asset Management Inc portfolio manager will work with you and your financial planner to:

Gain a complete understanding of your overall financial picture, investment time frame, and future cash flow needs

Help understand and then work to prioritize you and your family’s investment objectives

Develop a portfolio strategy that fits with your long-term financial plan

When appropriate your KAI portfolio manager will make necessary adjustments as your life and goals evolve